T.R.A.P.® Online

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T.R.A.P.® is now available as an online training solution.

Green Light has translated the core elements of its behavioural analysis programme into an online e-learning experience designed to help organisations, whatever their size, mitigate the broad range of threats society faces.

T.R.A.P. Online Solution


T.R.A.P.® Online is the ideal solution for making all your staff part of the security web, but especially those working in roles such as:

  • Customer-Facing Hospitality
  • Transportation Network Operations
  • Hotel & Corporate Reception
  • Flight Attendants & Ground Handling
  • Porters & Customer
  • Service Representatives
  • Cleaners & Groundskeepers
  • Lifeguards & Public Safety Officers
  • Croupiers & Casino Staff
  • Retail & Car Rental Employees
  • Venue/Tourist Attraction Guides & Hosts

Whilst the terrorist threat might motivate many organisations to embark on a security training programme, T.R.A.P.® Online learners will also be better placed to identify all types of criminal activity and negative intent without resorting to racial profiling.

Specific modules examine the insider threat, human trafficking awareness and mental ill health and the programme, in general, helps staff recognise criminal and anti-social activities such as shoplifting, sexually deviant behaviour, and indicators of intoxication and narcotics abuse.

Our customers seek to mitigate all criminal intent by identifying perpetrators based on their appearance, behaviour and compliance with baseline expectations.

By enrolling your staff with T.R.A.P.® Online you will:

  • Develop an enhanced security culture within
    your organisation
  • Empower your staff with behavioural analysis skills
  • Teach your staff to identify the subtle signs of
    negative intent
  • Enable your staff to respond appropriately and
    in a timely fashion

The customisable T.R.A.P.® Online introduces its students to the basics of behavioural analysis in a programme which can be completed under two hours. Each member of staff is assigned their own password and login details and can then follow the programme at their own pace. Upon completion of the course, and having correctly answered the multiple-choice questions at the end of each module, they can download their own printable certificate.

For further information or to receive a quotation please email Laszlo Lenormand: laszlol@avsec.com