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Some call it ‘behavioural analysis’, others ‘behaviour detection’. Some call it ‘differentiation’, others use the term ‘profiling’.

Green Light’s solution is called

‘Tactical Risk Assessment of People’,

in short: T.R.A.P.®

T.R.A.P.® customers seek to mitigate criminal intent by identifying perpetrators based on their appearance, behaviour and compliance with baseline expectations. T.R.A.P.® is a security solution which is based on the application of common sense and focuses attention on persons of interest and situations that demand further investigation. T.R.A.P.® is, in effect, non-racial profiling.

T.R.A.P. is now available as an online training solution!

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T.R.A.P.® is based on the principles that we should…

Screen the majority of people ‘on the move’

…because queues are simply targets in their own right

Ensure that checkpoints do not become chokepoints

…because the emphasis then veers in the direction of throughput rates rather than security outcome

Only intervene when concern is aroused by appearance and behaviour

…because we want to differentiate between people and focus on those we perceive to pose a greater possibility of being a threat

Appreciate baseline activity (the norms of behaviour) for a given location or venue

…because then we can identify deviations from the norm

Train and empower staff to respond in a timely manner

…because recognising deviations from the baseline and failing to act speedily could have catastrophic consequences

Combine behavioural analysis with threat resolution protocols using questioning skills

…because we can then resolve or confirm our concerns and determine the appropriate technology to use or protocol to follow

Use technology – if available – intelligently, considering the nature of the threat

…because one size does not fit all and each technology has its limitations

Apply common sense, avoid tick-box security and use genuine risk-based protocols

…because ‘the enemy’ is thinking outside the box

Remember that security is not only counterterrorism

…because the threat posed by criminals and those with psychological disorders can have equally devastating consequences


Our clients are asked to consider whether their screening protocols address the challenge of marauding firearms terrorists, the identification of victims of human trafficking, the reporting of potential insider threats, the use of chemical and biological agents, and the carriage of prohibited items in novel forms and by creative concealment. T.R.A.P.® addresses these scenarios, as well as the threat posed by the use of traditional weapons and explosives, because we aim to identify the INTENT rather than the ITEM.